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Since 1833 Debtors Prisons have been illegal in America but society has allowed them to resurface under the child support enforcement agency, as a strong incentive, to extort noncustodial parents for money. For every forced payment the state collects, the Federal government grants matching funds. Slavery reemerged as “in the best of the child” and nobody noticed except this time it’s not based on race. #defundchildsupport

Reform. Repeal. Revolt. 👊Keep Fighting !!!

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By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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