Dear White America

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Group Guidelines and Mission,

This group is founded in the spirit of hope and unity, that we can all work together towards a common goal of fighting our American culture’s disease of white supremacy. A place where members can share personal videos and/or write open letters (short or long) sharing your personal life stories, experiences and thoughts regarding racism and other forms of prejudice. This is your group so feel free to post, comment and share as much as you like about whatever you like as long as it’s not contradictory to the progress of humanity. Members are encouraged to discuss race and issues of race, but not limited to only that subject. Because we do live in a global community any human issues you would like to post not related to America are encouraged as well. Our mission is to deconstruct and fight our culture of white supremacy by forming friendships, sharing thoughts, giving support in antiracist work and learning from one another (especially learning from those who live it, people of color). All members should eventually post a video about our culture and system of white supremacy. Please maintain respect and civility in all post and comments, so that we may all discover and grow in truth.

White supremacy is a social and psycological psychosis with an emotional commitment to fear and ignorance while maintaining an immoral love with greed. The cost to white society of trying to live out the lies of superiority is mass confusion, delusion, dysfunction, untrustworthiness and ultimately self-destruction. Not to mention the 500 plus years of injustice that people of color have had to endure. White supremacy is also the most openly neglected evil of our time.

Our group is an all anti-oppression group and we are not limited in that regard and all oppressed peoples will be respected. This group is supposed to be a safe place for justice fighters and as well for people who have to deal with supremacy, bigotry and injustice.
So please don’t refer to any woman as a b word or c word in the group, or post anything using these terms about women. These words are used to oppress woman. No misogyny will be tolerated from anyone.
As well no homophobic or anti-LGBT language will be tolerated. And obviously no racial slurs of any sort.
Let’s respect and lift up all people and ethnicities who have to deal with supremacy of any sort.

And for more specific clarification we do not tolerate racial slurs or any other degrading slurs toward any marganlized peoples. Especially in the comments section. This means no b-word or c-word toward women, that no form of the n-word will be allowed, also the word “coon” is banned in this group. The reason for these rules is because these words are problematic for our group and many people of color have asked me to ban them. If our rules are unacceptable to you, then you are free to leave. And if you break these rules you may be removed from the group without warning. This group will be maintained as a safe place for people of color and for all marginalized folks.

Our focus is issues of white supremacy but this group is not limited as to what sort of injustice we can post on and discuss on. Colonialism, imperalism, capitalism, politics and religion all play into white supremacy and are nessarry conversations in this work. Diversity and respect for diverse stlyes, approaches and personalities will always be our greatest strength.

Furthermore if you don’t see yourself as someone who shares antiracist views or if you don’t have patience to try to learn or grow as an antiracist this may not be the group for you. Keep in mind that this is more of a solidarity group for genuine antiracist and for folks who are willing to listen and grow racially.

Also struggles and oppression is real for everyone or for any group that experiences it. Intersectionality should be explored. But Oppression should not be compared in a competitive context nor should it become a type of oppression Olympics. Can we please try to support each other in the various types of supremacies that woman, people of color and LBGT folks have to endure. When it comes down to it we are all fighting the same enemy that being ignorance and hate. Please check your our own male, white or straight privilege before insulting someone.

Conversations on religion are important because it has always been one of racism’s greatest tools. But let’s try to keep the convo about religion in the context of race, colonialism and imperialism if we can.

This group is not a separatist group. We are more of a solidarity group for anti-racist and social justice fighters who are willing to teach, learn and grow.

If you have an issue with a post or a member please come to an admin, please do not report post to Facebook without reaching out to an admin first, failure to do so could get you removed from the group. Also failure to follow any policies and guidelines can result in removal from the group.

No one in this group will be allowed to attack or bully anyone and also as white folks we do have to check our privileged ideals racially, our fragility and our defensiveness on the regular.

Again we don’t want to censor posts about race relations. But we also need to protect our members from being triggered. So we ask that you post a trigger warning on posts that show grotesque violence, including domestic, and any other types of violence committed by people in a position of power. That includes police violence as well.

Please be mindful of these things while in our group.

Most importantly let’s keep moving forward in consciousness and solidarity in our fight for social and racial justice.

And lastly know that socail media can be addicting, and without moderation can lead to destructive behaviors and self-neglect. Always know when its time to pull back and take a break.

Just some info about me, because some white nationalist and supremacist are spreading lies and propaganda about me.
I dont use my real name because I don’t believe it is important, so I go by Dixon D. White. I am just a simple southern guy who was raised in a small country town in the south. The last few years when I’m not working trying to pay the rent I have been studying up on race and issues of race.
I was raised by my mom and great grandmother. Those two women taught me love and taught me how to love. My Cuban father was never around much due to a divorce when I was very young, but I got to see him some on the weekends. so growing up I never got to learn much about my Hispanic heritage on my dad’s side. I still ride my 4wheeler, and I love my ford truck. Lol. I always considered myself a redneck at heart. I just don’t hill Climb anymore I broke 3 ribs doing that! But absolutely nothing better to me than riding the trails in TN on my Atv.
I am an actor and filmmaker but havent done it formally for several years now. I made some videos using a heavey southern accent that to my surprise went viral. Ive never said anything in a video that was not true and from my heart. After the videos went viral i stoped using the accent, but i bring the accent back in the future.
Growing up I was programmed by our racist society, I used to use the nword growing up without even giving it a thought, and then because of suffering and abuse I endured I began to understand prejudice and racism, I made a promise to myself and God many years ago that I would always fight against prejudice and racism.


By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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