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Meet the devil in persona…the main slave master of our ancestors brought from the Americas.

Dona Ana Joaquina dos Santos e Silva was a very renowned personality in 19th century Luanda.
She was an Angolan elite of African and Portuguese descent. She became rich from the slave trade.

Until the early 2000s, Dona Ana Joaquina dos Santos e Silva’s home and warehouse for slaves were still standing in Luanda’s Cidade Baixa area. It was turned into a court of justice after it was demolished and rebuilt.

Dona Ana Joaquina dos Santos e Silva was of mixed race, educated by the white portuguese in the palace. She hated the slaves brought from America and melenated slaves in general.

She was the richest woman of her time, but also evil-hearted.

The historian Júlio de Castro Lopo called “the angolan landlord”

She ruled from Angola, and she owned all the sea trade between Angola to Lisbon and Spain during her time. Some slaves from the Americas were taken to Europe to work as commodities.

From the text “Apontamentos d’uma viagem de Lisboa á China e da China a Lisboa, Volumes 1-2 By Carlos José Caldeira”, 1852:

“…I did visit a lady of royal name in Loanda Angola, D. Ana Joaquina dos Santos e Silva, the richest slave trader of Angola. The slaves called her Angana Dembo. She owned about a thousand slaves. She married a third time to a man from the house of Guedes Garridos, of Bouça, from Coimbra. ”

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