Original Black Gods of Central America

Tenocelome – Tlaloc – Xolotl – Quetzalcoatl

In the beginning, the Olmec practiced Sun worship and revered the Jaguar as a spiritual embodiment of God because the Jaguar was the most powerful and most feared animal.

There is no name for the Olmec Jaguar-god, so we will refer to him as Tenocelome, meaning, Jaguar Mouth.

Over a thousand years before Quetzalcoatl, (the plumed feathered-serpent), Central America’s original chief deity was the Olmec’s version, Tenocelome, depicted as half serpent, half jaguar.

In Kushite-Kemetic spirituality, Osiris (Ausar), was a divinity of the underworld, who identified variously with the waters of the Terrestrial Nile and the celestial Nile (The Milky Way). Among other things, Ausar was the great symbol of the creative forces of nature and the imperishability of life.

Here is where it gets deep.

Exactly how the Greeks and Romans created their own versions of Osiris (Ausar), using Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, to divide and personify all the attributes of Osiris;

the subsequent major civilizations in precolumbian Central America, did the same exact thing and created their own versions of Tenocelome, using Quetzalcoatl, Xolotl, and Tlaloc.

In fact the similarities are so precise, it’s chilling.

I say this because, Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl, are twin brothers, equivalent to Osiris (Ausar) and (Set) Seth.

Furthermore, both Xolotl and Tlaloc, share the planetary form Venus, which signifies Tlaloc sharing a relationship with the gods Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl; and this is how we know that Tlaloc is the 3rd party of their trio.

Exactly like Osiris (Ausar), the Olmec revered Tenocelome as the principal god, the god of the underworld, and as a rain god and fertility diety.

However, the subsequent Central American civilizations, divided Tenocelome into 3 different entities; Quetzalcoatl became the principle deity taking the sky, Xolotl took the underworld, and Tlaloc took the sea.

In the Graeco-Roman trio, Zeus (Jupiter) took the sky, Hades (Pluto) took the underworld, and Poseidon (Neptune) took the sea.

So all 3, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus were the Greek versions of Osiris; 3 in 1.

Just how Quetzalcoatl, Xolotl, and Tlaloc were the subsequent Central American civilizations versions of Tenocelome, (Jaguar-mouth).

I called the precision chilling because it is.

Tlaloc was usually depicted carrying a cornstalk or a symbolic lightning bolt wand, and was feared for his ability to send hail, thunder, and lightning, as the lord of the powerful element of water.

Just like Poseidon, whom when offended or ignored, he supposedly struck the ground with his trident and caused chaotic springs, earthquakes, drownings and shipwrecks.

Except, Tlaloc ’s followers believed that when a person has a death by drowning they become Tlaloc’s slave in the after life.

The Mayans knew him as Chaac, but Tlaloc’s most recognizable features is his google eyes, Jaguar fangs, and most notably his black skin, sometimes blue… (but since colonial times it’s been changed to a ‘dirty’ yellow color).

I won’t elaborate on Osiris-Set and Quetzalcoatl-Xolotl right now because I already did in another crucial article, pinpointing the window period between Anubis’ and Xolotl’s window period and timelines as gods of the underworld.

The idea of this post it to point out the fact that in precolumbian times, the major subsequent Central American civilizations always depicted this trio; Quetzalcoatl, Xolotl, and Tlaloc; in detail as dark-skin eumelanted beings in the precolumbian codices, whether their figure was a man, an ogre, or animal.

(See: Codex Borbonicus or Codex Borgia).

This is also why the shamans of the common people in the latter subsequent Central American civilizations painted their skin the exact chocolate color hue as the depictions of these deities, which is the natural deep hue of so-called Black- Ethiopic- Negro people.

It becomes clear, why native Mexican Archeologist, Alfredo Chavero, author of, “Mexico through the centuries : General And Complete History Of Development,” wrote,

“They credit astronomical calculations, which the same hieroglyphs supply us, an ancient age, to the Nahua race, from more than three thousand years before the vulgar era; that is to say, an antiquity similar to that of the peoples of India, China and Egypt; and yet, the Nahua were not the autochthonous people, even though their civilization was autochthonous, since at their arrival there were already antique peoples in our territory, so ancient that they themselves did not know their own origin and considered themselves children of the land they inhabited.

The Otomi is the native who inhabited the Valley of Mexico since remote times. Prior to Mayan Civilization in the south, and long before Nahua immigration from the north, the Otomi have been the earliest known settlers, who are still present today.

However, the matter of the existence of the black man in Meso America has without a doubt become an issue. The real question is did they come before the Otomi existed or were they the first invader?

Native Mexican Archeologist and Writer Alfredo Chavero, wrote, “As for our continent, there are hardly any traces of the black man, which proves that his existence in it was in a very distant time. Was the black race the first in the world and did it spread throughout the world by virtue of the union of the continents, or when it came to ours, did the Otomi already exist here?

Their disappearance presents us an exposited race as a consequence; they are beginnings against the autochthonous characters of the Otomi race and a traditional fact that in our concept matters a lot: until the last times the priests were painted in black, as if it were a memory of the introducers of the first cult.”

All this is proving that in a very distant time, or before the existence of the Otomi, or more invading them, the black race occupied our territory.

This race brought religious ideas and self-worship. Later they were evicted and driven to the coasts by the Otomi, or perhaps they were forced to look for those hot places, proper for their special nature, forced by the cooling that this continent suffered with its separation and with the cataclysms of which it was theater.

Indeed, even if the black race is the first to spread on earth, even if we admit it as a primitive inhabitant of our continent, it is, however, a passing bird, and we must look for another race to call it native.”

As a native Mexican archeologist, who was born and raised among the various ethnicities of Mexico, including Europeans, Mestizos, Zambos, and Africans, it was at the authors on discretion to write in his own expertise that the Ethiopic Negro race in Central America was clearly a reality.

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