Hey Chris

I was elated by your concern over the trayvon martin case and how you apologized for all the injustices that has been done by whites towards blks in general.

If you care to respond to this email id be delighted and shocked for it will contain things in it that perhaps youre aware of but forsurely its the truth and gets to the heart of the matter of white on white crime and overall apathy towards white boys and men being criminalized by the police and our judicial system while giving a pass a slap on the hand sort to speak.

Its well known through criminal stats that whites are more prone to violent crimes of rape pedophilia murder robberies and assault with or without a deadly weapon than all racial groups combined chris and for some reason this is overlooked and whites are portrayed as an angelic group that does no WRONG versus blks and latinos being driven into the ground thrown under the bus victimized by the media and demonized as some animalistic group that love to rape murder and steal where as the reverse is true whites have been historically the most violent of all groups especially white boys and men.

(please see chart) Due to intentional manipulation by the media it has been buried deep within the mindset and heart of american white men and women that somehow there neighborhoods dont have drug dealers users pimps whores prostitutes crime of any major importance and or impact like rapes robberies murder as if all white communities are the brady bunch father know best and leave it to beaver community while this maybe the facade its far from accurate and as the chart of white crimes states white ARE overwhelmingly vicious vile and violent something the white media cares not to look at nor concern itself with and i dare say to its own deadly peril for pride false pride at that comes BEFORE the fall and white america and world wide are falling there are more whites dying than being born.

With this being stated let me state as well that whites are not truly 100% human they are part neanderthal monkey 25% and 75% true homo sapien sapien for which whites are born with tails and act by way of their nature in the most debased of manners and have proven to be demonically possessed by some twisted psychopathic mental state that allows them to mate with animals like horses goats dogs you name it as well as each other all the while defecating and urinating on each others sexual partner vomiting it back up and swallowing see this site

With this being said Chris wheres the beef wheres the outrage wheres the nullification and desire for and revealing the truth it was my ancestors that civilized white people at least they thought they could which has been a complete failure to say the least for it seems whites cant help themselves by not returning to thier natural state their natural ways of beastiality and contempt for civil action.

With this being said Chris I am dumbfounded by the verdict for zimmerman Chris and i find it to be indicative of the psychopathic mentality that whites exhibit towards people of color knowing they can escape responsibility culpability with a slap on the wrist and may i add this false pride will be whites ultimate downfall a downfall that whites pride is blinding them too.

Ultimately Chris whites must own up to their history of which they have none they cant say they are indigenous to any part of this planet for they came from blk people which the blk man and woman are the mother and father of every civilization please see the following books: white cargo, they were white and they were slaves, irish slaves, white slaves black masters, christian slaves muslim masters and finally but not least white slavery in colonial america such books gives a great account as to the horrifying living condition and state of the white race as they were and some still are.

I doubt that youll be in contact with me to dispute these facts Chris and even more so to have me on your show to talk about the REAL FACTS of the so called white man vs blk man for a real white man is a blk man and whites are the real blk people the ol english definition of blk meant the absence of color which is what the present day white people are a bunch of recessive trait neanderthal monkey gene carrying pedophile murdering gang of robbing raping thugs
WATCH: MSNBC host apologizes on behalf of ‘all white people’
“A lot of them have really tried to change and I’m sorry for this stuff. That’s all I’m saying”

By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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