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List of CEOs stepping down recently…


With Bill Gates at Microsoft and David Abney at UPS this week i remembered a list i saw… elsewhere on reddit and wanted to see if WSB had any thoughts.

List of CEOs stepping down this year leading up to and since the recent market turmoil:

  1. Microsoft, Bill Gates, 3/13 after forever

  2. UPS, David Abney, 3/12 (after 6Y)

  3. Disney CEO, Bob Iger, 2/25 (after 15 Y)

  4. MasterCard CEO, Ajay Banga, 2/25 (after 10 Y)

  5. Salesforce CEO, Keith Block, 2/25 (after 18 M)

  6. Uber Eats VP, Jason Droege, 2/25 (after 6 Y)

  7. Outdoor Voices CEO, Tyler Haney, 2/25 (after 8 Y)

  8. Cansortium Cannabis CEO, Jose Hidalgo, 2/25 (after 5 Y)

  9. St. Luke’s Hospital CEO, Christine Candio, 2/25 (after 5 Y) (one of St. Louis’ biggest hospitals)

  10. JCPenney CMO, Shawn Gensch, 2/25 (after 9 M)

  11. Bowers & Wilkins CEO Gregory Lee, 2/24 (after 2 M)

  12. Bowers & Wilkins CFO Gideon Yu, 2/24 (after 4 Y)

  13. L Brands CEO, Les Wexner, 2/20 (after 57 Y)

  14. Credit Suisse CEO, Tidjane Thiam, 2/13 (after 5 Y)

  15. MGM CEO, Jim Murren, 2/12 (after 12 Y)

  16. Aurora Cannabis CEO, Terry Booth, 2/6 (+other big cuts)

  17. LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, 2/5 (after 11 Y)

  18. HULU CEO, Randy Freer, 1/31 (after 2 Y)

  19. IBM CEO , Ginni Rometty, 1/30 (after 8 Y)

  20. CEO, Mandy Ginsberg, 1/29 (health)

  21. International Airlines Group (IAG) CEO, Willie Walsh, 1/9 (after 9 Y)

Is this par for the course? Seems like a lot to me.

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