Caucasoid humans have changed the origin of civilization. They iterate: We have dabbled in racial engineering. We have been successful in wiping out mass numbers of American Aboriginal. We have classified and reclassified people into different races. We have been successful in changing religious philosophies to meet the needs of the Caucasian Race. We are busy in our scientific labs trying to clone people with blue eyes, blonde hair and white skin. We have instituted biological germ warfare to produce Aids and wipe out a massive number of Blacks globally. Assuredly, and by far the harder fate to us all which may amount to our very own extinction is that which strikes the man who thinks he can overcome Nature. In the last analysis we only mock Nature because we are at the point of extinction.
In a study done in 2011, titled “Haplogroup of the Y Chromosome of Napoléon the First” by Gerard Lucotte, Thierry Thomasset, Peter Hrechdakian.

It was determined that Napoleons male line descends from an African of the E1b1b1c1 haplogroup.

Link to the Study here:

Additionally, in contrast to his “supposed” portrait at the Tuileries, Napoleons deathbed portrait depicts a dark man. The Tuileries portrait then, would be in keeping with the Albinos determination to make everyone of historical significance – Albino.

Though Napoleons Black blood does not preclude his starting the mass Albino movement to write Blacks out-of-History. Who knows what a mulatto in a state of “racial confusion” might be capable of.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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