I was writing under my name Ptah Maakhrw Ra Amen when two negroes came across my news feed. They were both in T-shirts and emblazoned across those shirts were: gay is the new black! I had enough of the promos’ propaganda. What was I to do then – change the color of my skin? No! not this aging warlord. I have seen and fought too many battles to run from this war that is waged against my people.

Gay has too much shit in it to be Black! No set of social misfits are going to run me off of my square and co-opted the word Black, which represents my race and turn it into an object of fun; a word of derision to pillorize my people, not on my watch! I’m standing firmly on my square of Maát and There is a perimeter on every side of those squares that reads NO NEGROES, NO EUROS, NO HOMOS, NO PROMOS.

Those no’s are the litmus test for any and everyone calling themselves Afrakan, Black, Pro-Black, Black Nationalist or Pan-Afrakan Nationalist who are activists in our liberation. That’s right, the criteria for being a true Black activist in this fight to liberate the minds of our people is no negro, no euros, no homos, no promos. Don’t bother to come into the Black Conscious Community if you are in favor of one of the nos.

We are our Ankhcestors and our ancient Ankhcestors never knew of or practice this deathstyle. Our Holy Afrakan Ankhcestors gave to us the Ankh, a symbol of life, luck, luxury, peace, righteousness, balance, harmony, justice, love, truth, order, and reciprocity, and you negroes exchanged the Ankh for a crucifix, a symbol of confusion, mental, spiritual and economic poverty, death, division, disease, decadence, and destruction. We are going to take this great and mighty Afrakan Nation back to Black Spirituality!

We knew what went down between the Messiah Marcus Garvey and the Pan-Afrakan activists of those days. We knew what went down between the messiah Marcus Garvey and Emperor Selassie. As Pan-Afrakan nationalists and activists, we have the power to correct past errors made by the giants and the treacherous acts committed by the negroes of those days.

That is why we are our ankhcestors. We are here to put our history back together and that means collectively, we bringing our race back together. Negroes are running around the globe talking about the Willy Lynch letters is a fake. We should be asking; what do you mean it is a fake? Are you talking about the date it was written or its contents? Which of the two is a fake?

You cannot convince me that the contents of Willy Lynch letters are fake when the action and conditions of my people are living proof that it is not… “Memorandum 46 is fake!” How is Memorandum 46 a fake when every move we make to unite the indigenous and Diaspora Afrakans is thwarted by our age-old enemies to stop the connection from ever becoming a reality between the Pro-Black Pan-Afrakan Nationalists

How is Memorandum 46 a fake when we still have COINTELPRO with its “stop the rise of Black Messiah” still in place? We must understand, overstand, and innerstand once and for all that the Boule was created to control and mislead our people, Black people, and the task of the Boule is to stop the rise of a Black Messiah. If their job wasn’t to stop the rise of a Black Messiah, many Messiahs would have already come through the ranks of the Boule.

The sacred oath of the Boule is to make sure that the indigenous and Diaspora Afrakans are disconnected, disunited, disorganized, confused and always fighting each other and squabbling over the most mundane things. I told you, my people, before that I am a Pro-Black Pan-Afrakan Nationalist. I cannot just chat that without having any knowledge of my people and the enemies of my people.

The Boule is the enemy of Black people. The tactics of the Boule is to always separate and weaken anything that is going to unite and strengthen us. Oprah Winfrey is a leading member of the Boule. Oprah Winfrey hatred for Black men is notorious and immeasurable. It is Oprah that started and promoted the gender wars between Black men and wombmen.

This witch bitch, Oprah used her platform to propagate the “I don’t need a man; kick the men to the curb, and to push the feminist agenda.” a whore is a whore. They are high class, high-priced whores. Oprah is a low-minded, low-class high-price whore! Here is a she-man, Oprah, who was silent to the crucifixion of her supposedly good friend, Bill Cosby. This whore, Oprah, didn’t once use her platform to come to the defense of Bill Cosby.

Oprah Winfrey’s face is now the image of global white tyranny. This treacherous, two-timing, backstabbing old bat, Oprah proudly proclaimed to the world that Michael Jackson is her best friend. 10 years after the transition of Michael Jackson, the black man-hating Oprah came out with a bogus, inaccurate, misleading, and legacy-damaging dirtycumentary called “Leaving Neverland.”

This high price prostitute, Oprah Winfrey, knew that Michale Jackson was cleared of all charges after the FBI did an intense investigation into his background yet 10 years after she decided to jam Michael’s expanding legacy and destroy Michael Jackson’s family to distract and protect Hollywood pedophile ring that she is a purveyor for little children to the wealthy and wicked class.

Oprah is finished. She has no more influence over Black people. Both old and young, Black and white, males and females turn on her like a wheel on a Grand Prix racing car speeding on the circuit for her role in Leaving Neverland. The people even gave her a new name, Oprah Weinstein. This barren bitch is now the butt of every joke on social media, especially the New Black Media (NBM). Isn’t ironic that the man they believed they have destroyed, the musical genius, Michael Jackson has returned as Archangel Michael to destroy these devils that are heads of the pedophile ring?

Because of Oprah, the Boule is now in some serious trouble and nobody is going to listen to that old sour smelly sow anymore. To try to regain control over this trending situation that backfired on Gayle and Oprah Weinstein, this old whore, Oprah is going to come up with some kind of meaningless apology to appease the people, and that too is going to fail.

And that is when all hell is going to break loose. Every pedophile secret that was so carefully hidden will be revealed to the NBM on social media! The sharpest military minds that controlled the Boule are going to step forward and try to take back control of the people’s minds. They are going to create a disaster to see if we are truly united.

Remember hurricane Cathrina proved to the military minds that we are disunited, unorganized, and undisciplined people during a crisis. That was a drill to see how quick we will empty the supermarkets of food and water and how quick we can devour our loot. The military deliberately blew up the Levee to watch our reaction.

The sharpest military minds have witnessed that our people are no longer listening to these Boule negroes anymore. Our people are listening to the real Black no-nonsense leaders, historians, spokesmen, and wombmen on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the alternative media, which they rename New Black Media (NBM).

A handful of us from the NBM makes their sharpest military minds and the bugger batty Boule crew look like a bunch of retards. We exposed Calamity Kamala, Whorie Booker, Gayle, and that old double blade ax, Oprah, they are all dangerous and treacherous negroes to our well being. We rejected and revealed them to our people as weak and sellout negroes.

Not only did we gave to the world the name Black Conscious Community, but we also make sure the message of BCC, which is the BLACK TRUTH, permeates through the minds of our people. The slimy-ass boys from the Boule came back at us with “there is no Black Conscious Community; so-called black conscious community; conscious community;

To minimize the effect on our people, they took away the word “Black” from the conscious community. No one has that kind of power and influence over me to take away the word “black” from me and turn around and run me out of my community. The term Black Conscious and Black Conscious Community were coined by frontline warriors [not frontline fa@@ots!] for future frontline warriors.

I was born, breed and battle-tested for this battle against this Biblical Beast. Pimps, wimps, and punks are comfortable without the word “Black”, not me. After they took away the word black from the BCC, the Boule fa@@ots have been crowding and ganging up on us and many of us have allowed them to run us off of our square. That is not going to happen to this aging warlord.

I’m a Pro-Black Pan-Afrakan Nationalist frontline warrior that is standing firm on the square of Maát. At the perimeters of that square lies: TRUTH, JUSTICE, ORDER, BALANCE, HARMONY, RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND RECIPROCITY. And at the periphery of the perimeters lies NO NEGROES, NO EUROS, NO HOMOS, NO PROMOS.

Do not bother to come into the Black Conscious Community if you are in favor of any one of those NOs above. You would not be welcomed over here. Stay in you all so-called conscious community. The 4 NOs are the litmus test and that is the criteria for any and everyone calling themselves Afrakan, Black, Pro-Black, or a Pan-Afrakan Nationalist that is fighting for the Liberation and Unification of the Afrakan Nation.

We are our Holy Afrakan Ankhcestors and we are here to right past wrongs. Our Holy Afrakan Ankhcestors never knew of or practiced this deathstyle. Our Holy Afrakan Ankhcestors gave to us the Ankh, the symbol of life, luck, and luxury, peace, power, righteousness, balance, harmony, love, and justice and you negroes of the bugger batty Boule tribe exchanged the Ankh for the Crucifix, a symbol of death, division, disease, poverty, confusion, corruption, decadence , and destruction.

I will be dammed to allow a bunch of social misfits from the Boule to run me off of my square! Don’t come telling me about unity when you are not ready to straighten out the social misfits, the dumb and gullible, greedy, ignorant and avaricious negroes in your tribe. Those of you who have been reading my weekly articles over the last 12 years knew that when I say “tribe” I’m referring to my people under the various nation’s flags, klan, and gangs.

We are in a war, my people, and we are up against the sharpest military minds, graduates of the best military academies in the world such as West Point, Sandhurst, Ecole Speciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, Fuhrungsakademie der Bundeswehr, Nunziatella Military School of Naples, and Makhailovskaya Military Artillery Academy.

Mainstream Media and Social Media do not broadcast when the military officers from these various academies are gathering, where they are gathering, and how often they are meeting to discuss their future plans for Afraka and Black people in general, negroes from the Boule included. Those high-ranking military officers meet more often than the politicians and businessmen at Davos, and at the G20 summit.

Our Black body is like the universe. It is full of powerful matters but you have to activate those powerful matters before you can recognize your true potentials. The two most powerful forces in the known universe are Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Kkkrackkkers are contradicting themselves by telling you and their racist family that Dark Matter and Dark Energy have nothing to do with being black.

In the same breath, they are saying all the energies in the known universe are in the hueman body. they will never admit that we, not them, possessed an astronomical amount of the inscrutable Black Matter and Black Energy and should we tap into that source of energy and power like our Ankhcestors, the Great Pyramid Builders did, it would be game over for these race of devils without us firing a single shot.

Ptah Maakhrw Ra Amen, President of LUAN (Guyana) – Defender of the BCC, Elder at APCE, Minister, Gatekeeper and Warlord on the frontline for LUAN=Liberation and Unification of the Afrakan Nation. Amen-Ra!

By wmb3331

Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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