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BLACK VIKINGS…I will use the term Black only to make a point that we have been deceived!They covered up the Africans part for a certain reason!They don’t want you to know they are responsible for our downfall also!They we’re side by side helping!
” The Danes then were like the Moors- Black. Like them too, they were Picts ” – David MacRitchie , Ancient and Modern Britons, Vol .1
The myth that the Vikings were only blue eyed , blond haired white men was a myth created by Caucasians an African Masonic brothers in the 19th century to covered up the Africans being over Europe an other parts!They had to cover this up because we have been the target since the beginning!The other brown skin races are just caught in the crossfire!They have pledge to help take us down to help with the agenda also!The Afrcans have been side helping them forever they share the same bloodlines! 💉 When the Vikings invaded the British isles in the 7th century, they were described as ” black heathens “, ” black pagans “, ” magi ” , and Danari, literally meaning ” Black Danes “. The Vikings of Denmark were Black .
Those who saw them described them as ” dark or BLACK in complexion “. Scottish writer David MacRitchie in his epic work Ancient and Modern Britons ,said the Vikings were Black. The tribute the invading Danes took from the English was known as the ” tribute of the black armie “.
The Danes and Norweigians who invaded Ireland were known in the Gaelic language as Dubh- gall or ” Black Foreigners “. These Vikings were also called the Black Host, Black Norsemen, or Dubh-Ghenti ( Black Gentiles ).
The first Viking raids occurred at Dorset , England in 789 A D. and Lindisfarne in 793. In 795 the Black Vikings attacked Iona in Ireland.
In 851 , the Dubh-Ghenti took the city of Athcliath ,which is now Dublin. In 852 the Dubh – Ghenti fought a great sea battle with the Finn Ghenti ( White Gentiles ) and won. In 867 the Great Army of the Danari ( Black Danes ) took the city of York and established a permanent presence in England. In 867, a Viking named Gothrit, son of Harald , led a band of Black sea rovers in an attack on the city of Anglesea and captured 2000 men.
The Norsemen who appeared in Kiev, Russia in 1018 were also described as Danes. The original population of Scandinavia were Africans who migrated there from the Nile Valley region. There were tall Africans ( Bantu ) and short ones ( Twa ). This led to the stories of giants and dwarves in Norse mythology. It was only later that whites migrated into the Scandinavian region. A Viking literally was a sea rover or pirate. A Viking warrior was known as a Beserker. The Beserkers were Black shamans who went into altered states before they went to battle. They were known for their boldness and fierceness.
The Norse Vikings who invaded England were described in chronicles as being Black men..

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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