The real name of America

Y’all need to stop spreading that Amerigo Vespucci lie NOW! Unlearn to relearn…

“In Sir Robt. Schomburk’s map; attached to Sir Raleigh’s work, the Valley of Amerioca-pana, is between the rivers Orenoco and Amazon, but the name America, was given to mainland; from Amaraca or America – the first Spanish settlement – whose people treated them “as if they were angels” while the others attacked them. Many authors; unaware that America was the national name of the southern continent, could not understand the Spanish pioneers, who gave this name to several places on the coast, and cartographers hotly disputed the question; as to which was correct, without finding that they all were* The coast which Navarrete says, Columbus first visited; is the valley of America of Raleigh. Purchas’ edition of 1614, p. 836, which quotes Lerius, Stadiums and others, says that the Brazilians have a Maraca or Tamaraka, which is their household god. On the same page, refers to Vespucci’s very to Brazil. The map of 1508, places the Isle of Tamaragua, thousands of miles from Brazil on the coast of Amaraca-pana. In of St. Diego, where the proposition emanated to call America after Vespucci, and Isle is placed beside Tamaragua, named Isle of Brazil. We observe on modern maps, the Isle of Maraca near the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil. This is circumstantial evidence, that the St. Diego people; who got their information from Vespucci, had heard of the port of Amaraca-pana – and also of the Maraca, or Amaraka, of Brazil, and so they place the island of Amaraca in Brazil, on the coast of Amaraca-pana – and it was evidently, this similarity of name with Amerigo – called MORIGO BY OJEDA – that led them to suppose, that the name came from him.
The Ptolemy map of 1524, places the supposed Isle of Brazil, in the Atlantic Ocean, near to England than America, which name appears on the Continent, in the same latitude and longitude * as Aymarca. The same evidence occurs in Ptolemy of 1535.
The name of the Brazilian god Tamaraka; explains the proximity of the isles of Brazil and Tamaragua, in the St. Diego Não of 1513.
The prophets of the Brazilians were the Caribs – whose god was Hua-Amaracan.
The Ptolemy map of 1540, States that the new world is called Brazil, and America; and they also place it in the latitude and longitude of the native district of Aymaraca. Then comes Mercater, next year, who places the name of America, over the ENTIRE CONTINENT.”

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