Amaraca 2

Cundin-Amaraca was the most important Kingdom after Peru and Mexico. The chiefs of its population, and the court were at the capital of Bogota. They had idols of solid gold, they offered emeralds, powdered with gold dust.
The city had twenty thousand houses in the days of its fame, and the King, with his two hundred wives, resided in an immense palace, guarded by twelve gates, which were entered by solid stone staircases.
The rites and ceremonies of the Chibchas improperly called Muysca meaning “man”, when anyone died from the bite of a snake; that the sign of the cross was placed on the tomb, which is the Amaraca (Peruvian) sign of the word AMARU, and with the addition of the word CA or LAND, represents the SACRED NATIONAL NAME, AMARACA.

They stole that symbol from Amaraca and made it Christian.


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