adam n eve

Boaz and Jachin the esoteric male and female elements, the pillars of the Temple are both represented here as the mother and father. Adam and Eve equals the esocteric code for the primordial pair , which there are none other than principles for enlightenment.
The doorways to the temple of Wa’set represented the pillars of the temple Boaz and Jachin , symbolizing the opening of the legs, of the African woman and later in the Masonic Hall, symbolic of the Gates of Heaven ; the African woman.
Nature of reality consists of two priorities : POSTIVE AND NEGATIVE..
In Hebrew Old Testament the pillars are two people Boaz and Jachin . In the Greek New Testament they are John of Zachariah and John son Zebedee; in the Koran they are Michael and Gabriel. The two pillars Boaz strength and Jachin establish are two pillars of Horus and Set ; the obelisk needles are the opposing forces of nature , symbols of stability and support of the four corners, north , south , east , and west . They represent the interests of the temple who is in him/her is strength . As in spiritual strength, Jachin He/She sail extending a sign of establishing order underMa’at . It was said that if you pass these pillars with understanding you have learned that power without control [ as in relationships] is degrees. Boys to the right and pillar is power Jachin the left is choice or control, the power to choose what kind of Destiny you will live out. This signifies that you were no longer a youth, but a man ; when passing through the pillars[ ass in the sexual act] these are the characters/ principles that represent the brother/ Sisterhood in Freemasonry.
You start off in the blue blooded and then become red blood. You start in the blue Lodge and on up to the red. As you transfer from human beast to man. Homo to Homo Erectus , to Homo Sapien and then to an Eloheem Homo Spritus . This signifies a rite of passage from an unconscious Being , unknowning to a self-conscious and knowing being , they are simple passage that one must grow to understand to pass on to man and Womanhood.
In most cultures in Africa,Asia , India how many parts of Europe like Sweden , when at age 13 one becomes a man or woman. Het Ben ben -t : the sanctuary heliopolis in which the Sun God was worshipped under the form of a stone which resembled in shape a truncated obelisk [Asar penis

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