What WMB inspires to be and do is to shed the spotlight on the ridiculous notion of race and how this social construct and concept has warped and ultimately damaged the ability of people in our society in America and the world to live moreso in peace than in conflict.

With this myopic and jaundiced eye view of the world based on race has afforded nothing and cost the world 10s of millions of lives that could and would have added greatly to the summum bonum of the worlds creative and inventive talent that we will never see.

This is the legacy of the White mans sick, degenerate,depraved,delusional and psychotic mentality in which he and they think that their skin color is a gift, a blessing of sort in which the world has to “Bow” and be gracious in accepting their blessings upon humanity.

Such a stance falls flat on its face when and as time has proven the White man and the White race in particularly has brought nothing to this world but the 4 Ds Death, Destruction, Disease and Despair to the 4 corners of our globe.

With that being said and as one of our most esteemed scholars and authors had stated Dr. Francis Cress Welsing that”The White race suffers from an inferiority complex stretching back in time in which they remember directly or indirectly the horrors of what Black people had done to them throughout Europe as they were the first slaves of the world and that the ruling Royalty of Europe being black, swarthy, brown complected used them as slaves and serfs and that the present day Whites fear annihilation genetic and physical which explains their obsession with weapons and their nonstop aggression against the majority of people in the world people of color and in particularly Black men and women”.

Truth has a way of coming to the forefront, it is daring, bold, and very direct like the rays of the sun against the vampire in which it must escape or else die.

Truth can and will defend itself its the lies that must be dressed up to make it look more menacing and this is the particularity of the White race and white men in particular.

If one is a MASTER one doesnt have to shout it, beat your chest, put down others in a display of pitiful egos, no a true master like the many Black Masters over the millenia have always showed and are still showing today grace, humility, honor, respect, admiration, devotion, commitment, understanding knowledge, wisdom, appreciation, patience, and a steadfast belief that everyone deserves a chance to be all that GOD created them to be and do.

This is the definition of a true leader, a true master one that gives of his/her time to improve others is what the Moors had done throughout their rule in Europe and across the globe defining and redefining excellence in the Arts, Sciences, Math, Architecture, Astronomy, Astrology, Medicine, Law, Physics, Music, Literature, Chemistry et al all for the greater good the summum bonum of the worlds population to move and advance humanity FORWARD.

Indeed the White man has put all of humanity back 500 yrs when in fact if the Moors had stayed in control after 1492 we would be 500 yrs more advanced than what we are presently and just imagine a world 500 yrs more advanced geeeezzzz!!!

And so it is on this note that WMB is born and that we hope to shed a serious light of redemption upon our people the MOORS around the world that we are the Chosen People of God and that we must carry the Light of Redemption so that all of humanity can, must and will prosper for the greater good of all and that Torch of Valor, Courage, Love, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding belongs to us as an inheritance from our ancestors to say We are the Parents of All Humanity and therefore it is our individual and collective responsibility to hold the line, to show courage in the face of adversity and therefore this Burden upon the Black race the Moors isn’t a burden at all its the price we pay as Parents of all humanity a Blessing of a redemptive nature is The Black Man’s Burden.

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