30 diseases Wasicu brought to the Americas

1. Smallpox

2. Measles

3. Influenza

4. Bubonic plague

5. Diphtheria

6. Typhus

7. Cholera

8. Scarlet fever

9. Chicken pox

10. Yellow fever

11. Malaria

13. Q-fever (bacterial disease carried by cattle, sheep, and goats)

14. Leishmania (parasitic disease)

15. Whooping cough

16. African sleeping sickness (parasitic disease)

17. Filaria (parasitic disease)

18. Dengue

19. Septicemic plague (one of the three main forms of the plague)

20. Schistosomiasis (parasitic disease)

21. Anthrax

22. Botulism

23. Tetanus

24. Toxoplasmosis

25. Taeniasis (tape worms)

26. Staphylococci

27. Streptococci

28. Mycotic diseases (fungal diseases)

29. Syphilis

30. Legionellosis (bacterial disease)

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