3 major rivers

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1) Tigris/Euphrates
2) Hindus/Gangus
3) Huang/Mekong

1) Nile
2) Niger
3) Zaire/Zambezi

Colonial academia have gone far enough to claim they don’t know where the Canaanite came from, although Herodotus their Greek father of history wrote that it is said the Phoenicians came from the Red Sea. However, they claim to believe the Phoenicians probably came from some where in Asia.

Colonial academia goes even further and claim that humanity was conceived in on the Asiatic continent in the fertile crescent, in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Claim the 3 River civilizations of Asia cradled and nurtured the development of civilization.

Scientist credit “river life” because where there is freshwater their is an economy. The river is a reliable source to drinking, fishing, fertile soil for agriculture, and a means for transportation. i.e. seafaring. Therefore, they claim that the life of humanity and the first 3 great civilizations started in Asia. Yet in a brief observation and cross examination, all these claims should be challenged.

If these are the natural factors that determine the likely hood of the origin of human life and civilization, to be fair, the Asiatic theory must be a reconsidered. The continent of Africa has over 3 dozens rivers and over dozen major lakes. Compare that to Asia’s 3 lakes and 15 rivers.

Africa is home to both the worlds longest (in distance) and the worlds deepest rivers, the Nile & Zaire (Congo) Rivers. Essentially Africa is a water world.

The Zaire (Congo) River is not just the deepest river in the world but it also has over 4,000 inhabitable islands in it’s midst. From the Atlantic Ocean, it cuts through the western half of the continent where it almost kisses the Zambezi River, which meets if half way and cut through the eastern half of the continent, pouring out into the Indian Ocean. So you have to realize that the craft of sailing was mandatory; not just for trade & migration either, but for simply surviving one of Earth’s most fundamental elements.

Had life began on the Asiatic Rivers banks, there would be no need to develop maritime trade because the 3 major Asiatic river civilization are not directly interconnected by water, they’re connected by land thus fore it would’ve been more convenient to trek the the terrain to commence in any trading with one another, seafaring would’ve been completely unnecessary. So the origin of naval skill would not have, and did not develop, in Asiatic civilizations.

The age of Asiatic River Civilizations can not compare to the age of African River Civilizations. In fact we can look at the names of the Asiatic rivers such as Meso-Ptah (Mesopotamia) and the (Indus Rivers)”gANGes”, or the (Yellow Rivers) “mekANG”, “yANGzi”, “shANG’, “huANG he”. All these Rivers were named by the a language phoneme that was brought to these different regions and established these River Civilizations. “ANG” is translation of the word “ANKH”. That is something that emerged from the continent of Africa.

This is every major city in China, because China was founded by African Asiatics known as the X’ANG / SHANG Dynasty.

[chANGsha – yichANG- chANGdu – guANGling -nanyANG (wanchANG) – euyoANG – chANG’an -hanchANG (nanChANG) – guANGshou -YanjANG (BeijANG)]

— with Ethiopian Kundalini.

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Isaiah Israel is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Pacific with a bachelors in Psychology and a deep love for history in which he believes that when you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future course of man and mankind and is the author of the best selling ebook The White Man's Burden Of Lies and Deceit.

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