I was just at a shop where I occasionally purchase art and jewelry and I came across this authentic Moroccan Amazigh headdress for $1,600.

The Moroccans of North Africa, who were identified by the ancient Greeks as “Berbers,” did not call themselves by that name. The word “Berber” literally means “Barbarian” which originally meant “foreigner” a designation for one who spoke a language different from the general Greek population. It didn’t originally mean “savage” as we now know the word. The Greeks called the ancient Egyptians and Ethiopians barbarians, but didnt see them as savages, per se.

These Africans then, and to this day, call themselves “Amazighen” (plural). The singular term is “Amazigh” which sounds like the word “Amazing” which is phonetically related to an English reference to “A Mason.”

The name “Amazighen” literally means “The Free People.” How ironic is it that “Lady Liberty” looks like an Amazigh woman, which is literally a Free Woman?

The Statue of Liberty was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. The French were also the colonizers of Morocco during the Scramble for Africa. Why did France gift the U.S. with the statue of a European woman adorned in the cultural garb of Moroccans with broken chains at her feet?

Mind you a Freemason was originally one who has been granted the freedom to build by a Moorish governing authority AFTER adopting the culture and habit of dress of these Moors who were often from Morocco.

Bartholdi, who is the Statue of Liberty’s sculptor, began designing the statue in 1875, which was just a year after he became a Freemason at the lodge of Alsace-Lorraine of Paris in 1874. Alsace, France was a hub of Moorish activity going back to the Middle Ages and beyond. All facts. No cap. This is Mind Glow Media.