Fuck the FBI and the KKK

They dont spy on White Nationalists/Klu Klux Klan or any other white racist groups who are continually allowed to spout their racist rhetoric on any media platform that welcomes them, they only spy on black people because they’re scared, thats why they have their spy’s in all black organisations so they can assassinate/lock up our leaders if they become to radical and speak out on the injustices we suffer everyday, they know that for centuries they have committed terrible evil crimes against black people (where was the FBI during their hanging days?) all over this world, they cannot comprehend that we are not looking for revenge, they will never understand “we are not like them” we just want what they owe us REPARATION! they know that once we get that there will be a mass exodus we will ether leave them and their racism for another country or create our own city’s like we did a hundred years ago with little or no influence from them, once that happens they will then have to work out who they hate more Muslims or Mexicans to go on the lowest rung of the ladder!……. The Watchmen shows us in graphic detail that they couldn’t deal with our success after slavery/prisoners of war so they destroyed them using the only thing they use when dealing with us…violence, REPARATION! that will be the catalyst for their racist society’s demise, all their society’s are built on a tier system upper, middle and lower they have designated us to the lowest level and have spent centuries and billions keeping us there, without our money keeping them above us, without us doing the menial low paid jobs, without us filling their slave prisons, without us living in the lowest run down areas of their city’s milking us of our hard earned money on minimum wage their society’s cant function, every part of their society will suffer greatly, they literally need us more than we will ever need them!
The FBI released a new trove of documents relating to its surveillance of…