The White Man's Burden




contrary to popular belief, the n-word didn’t apply to us originally. n*gger mainly was used against Caucasians from the british isles, Ireland in particular. when the irish became empowered thru white privilege in the late 1800s/early 1900s, the slur was transferred to negro Amerindians to denote us being the low people on the social/financial totem pole. check out this clip from ‘gangs of new York.’ at 2:05, the character bill the butcher, who was british, calls his would-be assassin an “irish n*gger…” that’s because the term applied to most all Caucasians in the british isles, and that’s quite a few islands..

I’ve seen the irish use it against each other in the 80s, and I used to watch brit shows in the 70s use it. each time, I was a slur to insinuate the person was of low class standing and probably a low-level criminal. an Irishman in his 80’s in 1985 was snickering at negroes using the word in a bar. he told me we had no idea who that word was originally intended for, and laughed at how we embraced it. I never forgot what he said


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