The White Man's Burden



Stolen from a friend but she said that….. During the Obama administration, 8 years, there was a total of 14 mass shootings, not all were school shootings.and Obama did place more strict background checks on the mentally ill…there have been 22 school shootings under Trumps administration so far this year..that is a HUGE increase and the only thing Trump has done was remove the background checks Obama put in place. I am so sick of people yelling “but Obama” when Trump is criticized…regardless of what Obama has done, it is no excuse for Trumps horrendous actions…Trump has made it legal to kill bears as they hibernate, kill wolves, ran a pipeline through sacred native american land, took funding away from planned parenthood and after school programs, has lied about building his wall, draining the swamp, fixing our healthcare, wants to take rights away from women, has referred to humans as “animals”, promised to donate his salary although it was another lie, is under investigation by the FBI and is excepting money from foreign governments. Men like Trump are a dime a dozen, he has a nickel in his pocket and he thinks he’s hot shit…he lacks the experience, intelligence, integrity and character required to be president…the buffoon is an embarrassment to my country..never has a president had such a low approval rating.

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