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Mandakiwi Ross

I acknowledge to be culturally homeless for now. My family has no knowledge on my ancestors before slavery.
Culture is everything. Culture includes ceremonies & rituals. With culture comes feelings & knowledge. It teaches you on family, what to love, how to eat, how to be healthy.

I have learned to be healthy via ; “backdoors”. I have been guided back to fruits from my hidden culture.

I reject the “NEW”-European culture. The Original BLACK European culture is buried under a ton of LIES.
The “NEW”-European culture is a culture of believes without facts; “theory’s”.
It’s a culture of White domination, supported by the BELIEVE of white supremacy and defended by white racism.’ It’s a greedy culture of Lies, manipulation, stealing and killing.
It’s an unhealthy, dysfunctional and a selfdestructive culture of War, medicines, chemicals, toxines, drugs and processed food (destroying food the way God made them). White sugar, white rice, white flower, aspartame, E-poisons, Junk Food etc.

From paintings I know my bloodline comes from Africa – Morocco – The ORIGINAL BLACK Arab/ Berber & Moor.
So I have been guided back to my roots to learn my real culture. Embrace your original culture to be healthy .


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