Culturally white people have never thought of racism as immoral it’s just their way of life.

Through out history the majority of white folks didnt have a moral problem with the genocide of indigenous peoples, or the enslavement of Africans, or lynchings, or Jim Crow, or red lining, or mass incarceration, or today having a white supremacist president and cabinet.

This is why Trump’s racist platform resonated with so many white folks and got him elected. And the truth is the only reason he hasn’t been dragged from the white house in hand cuffs for his white supremacists agenda is because many white folks support and encourage it. Racism and white nationalism to most white people is like drinking coffee its just what they do, its not something they question.

For our unchecked white supremacist system and culture Trump may just be the destruction white folks and our racist country has been headed towards for a long time. So enjoy your psychotic batshit crazy leader, idiots, you fucked yourself hard this time.


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