1865 = K.K.K. – Every child is born on the square. An angle of 90 degrees – 9 months From conception to birth,-ISLAM. The term (Moslem) implies the works of nature involving the human body , from conception to birth, on the right angle motion or square of 90 degrees . The great circle of the earth comprise 360 degrees , squared by the number 9. 9 goes into 360 degrees 40 times. This is the number “40” which involves the Christian Order or the (Klanish) society of the paleskin world which Senator Bilbo of Mississippi, had referred to over the “Meet the Press” program in 1946.

9. Nine into 360 degrees equals 40 times. This division represents the manifestation of the higher mind on the physical and metal plane of being-the highest Law of Islam, which simply means “I AM”.


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