951 = The pale red-skinned people are only 1,000 years old. ( Counted from 2017 they are 1066 years old. )

(Acadia) is today Canada and (Scotia) or Nova Scotia of North Canada, is the original Scotland-the origin of the Irish and the Scots, and the Anglia and the Saxons, and the Belgiums.
9 out of every 10 of the paleskin nations of the world today have either black or brown eyes, or black hair, which represent the stamp of the ( Moorish or Asiatic Mothers). The people referred to as /Japanese (Latin) Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Turk, Indian, Arabian, Syrian, Russian, Eskimo and all other similiar island people are the generations of kinky-haired (Moorish or Asiatic) fathers and Patagonian blond mothers, during the early
rise of the Order of Islam.


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