What is a female ‘cock blocker’?

A female ‘cock blocker’ is:

A date wrecker
A Darth Vader
A hate maker
A love hater

A man repellent
A bitter bitch
An ugly witch
And full o’ shit

The proverbial female ‘cock blocker’ is the most chilling
And frustrating adversary a man could ever encounter
In the dating scene. She’s combination of:

A bitter momma; a sexually repressed old maid;
A serial-loser in love; and a rabid Taliban school
Inspector making sure no girls are present
Getting a much needed education.

They’re the Grinch who stole Christmas
The sell out sisters with no souls…
The harridans without a heart…

When a man encounters such a woman, it’s like being raped, robbed and left for dead. Nothing could prepare you for such a malevolent encounter except a Colt 45, 20/20 vision, and a cool demeanor!

(c) Menelik Charles

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