Donald Trump Once Cashed A 13-Cent Check: Incredible True Stories Of President Trump

One of President Donald Trump’s most frequent habits is boasting about his immense wealth. But he’s not above cashing a check for 13 cents.

Back in 1990, a New York-based monthly called Spy magazine decided to run a little social experiment. So it sent out letters to 58 of the richest people in the city that contained checks for $1.11 for “services that you were overcharged for.”

Remarkably, 26 people cashed them, so Spy magazine kept sending the checks but cut the amount, this time to 64 cents.

When 13 of those 26 cashed them, the magazine sent those 13 respondents a 13- cent check. Only two people cashed them this time: one was a Saudi arms dealer, and the other was Donald Trump.

There’s no word on whether he paid any taxes on his windfall.

This article is part of an ongoing series by Patch delving into both the fascinating history of Donald Trump before he became president and his current activities in the White House that may have flown under the radar.

Image via Pixabay


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