While an object that is currently burning—PIE *bʰleg- ‎(“to burn, shine”)—is certainly bright, once it has burnt, it is dark in color.

As late as Old English, blāc meant “pale, burning, shining, white” while blæc meant “black, burnt.” Think of the difference like you do the -ing and -t suffixes.

Proto Indo-European extended root: *bhleg-

Meaning: to shine or burn

Old English roots:

blaec: black (from the char of the burn)

blac: white, blanche (from the shine or flash of the burn)

English Meaning:

The name Blaec is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Blaec is:Black or white.

To sum the above posting along with the mean is that there is nothing deep about this….the words black and white share the same etymology….you have a fire which can be bright or where they got the word white from…but once something finishes burning it will turn black…..this meme is reaching

The words can be interchangeable and some groups of people decided to keep it as black in their language and others decided to keep it as white in their language

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