Materialistic scientists have created a fictional overlay upon the solid scientific findings about DNA. They have not been willing to acknowledge that DNA ONLY contains instructions related to protein production and that this cannot account for the higher faculties of the human mind. Thus, they have turned DNA into a black box in which they can postulate the existence of mechanisms that cannot be proven scientifically.

They simply assume that every question that cannot be answered by the theory of evolution has a mechanical answer that they have not yet found. They believe that one day scientists will pull this mechanical explanation out of the black box of DNA, as a magician pulling a rabbit out of a black hat. This allows them to ignore the fact that the theory of evolution is not a complete theory and that it will never explain the origin of life—unless it is expanded to include the existence of energy fields that use DNA as a communications interface with the cell.

Hopefully, this can now lead spiritually minded people to conclude that DNA does NOT carry information about your personality or your spiritual faculties. In other words, your spiritual abilities are NOT determined by or dependent upon your DNA. Your DNA ONLY influences the properties of your physical body. Your spiritual abilities are determined solely by your spiritual development. Your lifestream is not dependent upon the body but enters the body after it has been “built.”

The simple fact is that after materialistic scientists had created a myth about the “infinite” amount of information stored in the DNA, certain spiritually minded people built upon this fiction and created the theory that there are more strands of DNA than the two discovered by science. Thus, in order to unlock your full spiritual potential, you “only” have to activate all of your strands of DNA – be that 12, 44, 144 or however many.

The idea that your spiritual abilities are mechanical and are stored in a mechanical device such as DNA – or even an energy field – is a double-fiction that started with people who has an agenda to “prove” that life has no spiritual side. The fiction about DNA created by materialists has simply been taken to another level by people who are spiritual and might have good intentions but who lack discernment.


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