The Americas

Haplogroup L lineages are found in the African diaspora of the Americas as well as indigenous Americans. Haplogroup L lineages are predominant among African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans and Afro-Latin-Americans. In Brazil, Pena et al. report that 85% of self-identified Afro-Brazilians have Haplogroup L mtDNA sequences. Haplogroup L lineages are also found at moderate frequencies in self-identified White Brazilians. Alves Silva reports that 28% of a sample of White Brazilians belong to haplogroup L. In Argentina, a minor contribution of African lineages was observed throughout the country. Haplogroup L lineages were also reported at 8% in Colombia, and at 4.50% in North-Central Mexico. In North America, haplogroup L lineages were reported at a frequency of 0.90% in White Americans of European ancestry.


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