Do Not Call Yourselves, Negro, Black, Colored, African American nor Indian. These are fictitious label. They are misnomers.

See SHEEHAN, supra note 311, at 119-23 (describing the civilization program of the early nineteenth century); see also CLAUDIO SAUNT, A NEW ORDER OF THINGS: PROPERTY, POWER, AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE CREEK INDIANS, 1733–1816, at 143-62, 249-72 (1999) (charting the civilization policy and its effect on the Creeks, which included provoking a civil war).

What our original indigenous copper, brown and dark nations must know is that In Colonial America during the 1600s the term Negro was, according to one historian, also used to describe Native Americans and Africans as they are now called. Native Americans were ALSO reclassified as Negro in the Negro Act of 1740.

But, our Nations have been extremely ignorant and continue to want to be ignorant to the truth and facts of who they are and their connections to the original Nations and Tribes of North, South, & Central America.

The Elite White American are conscious of these facts and are laughing all the way to the bank. Their efforts to discredit anyone who brings this info to the fore front is being penetrated by their own writings, fact and truths. As I stated before they have studied us from the time that we allowed them onto our shores. One of the most importing pieces of information that they are keeping to themselves is the truth about geography and blood types, while they continue to trick us through DNA test.


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