And I will make one final point and then let you go on your way. if there is more than just this material world and if there is actual justice in this universe, then there is nothing at all to fear, certainly not something as silly and made up as “terrorism”. And how dangerous would a world like that be to those who seek to control you? Dangerous indeed my friend. So do you see why they might not want you to think about this?

I believe that there is absolute justice in this universe. Here is my simple argument for absolute justice. There is either justice, or there is not. To have a negative you must have a positive. The concept of injustice can’t exist without the concept of justice. And injustice, which is a negative, could not reign in a universe that was positive. And if there was not a positive force creating and holding everything together, whatever “this is” would have consumed itself a long time ago. A universe that was controlled by negative forces could not hold together and would have torn itself apart long before we experienced it. But since we are here and we do experience it, we can know it is a positive force holding the universe together and therefore there is justice my friend. So you can relax and stop fearing “terror” lol.


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