White people in reality are descendants of Albinos from India


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We all know that huemans come from Africa. And yet the origin of white people is still kept “secret”. If you know where they come from, you will understand why its a secret. But it’s really no rocket science.
The prove is in the genes. Ask any geneticist. They know the truth. But will they tell you the truth?


Read more on:http://realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/Misc/Data/European_DNA_table.htm
Read more on:http://www.realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/Misc/Data/Comprehensive_data_on_albinism.htm
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Indus Valley-2

Modern Pakistan (Which was a part of India until 1947)

When last we left the Indus Valley, Civilization there had ceased at about 1,800 and 1,700 B.C. Perhaps because of some unknown natural disaster. If rainfall declined in the Indus region between 1800 and 1700 B.C, then around 1500 B.C. it increased again, making the Indus Plain better able to support life. It was between 1500 and 1200 B.C. that the Dravidian Albinos who had originally migrated from Africa into India and then continued North into Central Asia, to escape the Burning Sunshine found at lower latitudes returned to India.


Indians, the children of Africa and the parents of Europe.
All huemans originates from Africa. Genetics have confirmed this.

Images matter. History is a tool for growth. We have been taught false history.
* The media & the education system dont show real images of the first settlers world wide and the progenitor of humans because they
were all Black. It’s proven by genetics & the study of excavations, art & literature.
* Without a past you don’t have a future. Knowledge of Self is the cure for selfhate, skinbleeching, lack of pride & self-destruction.

### — Thank you for reading my posts.
Credits, respect & grattitude to the researchers from RealHistory, the most awakened minds in the Black Community. — ###


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