Becoming a nation, once and for all.

Every other race has done it. We can’t get any respect as a people because we won’t pull together. We are so divided up by religion and politics, white supremacy, that we all ended up being a nation of consumers. We must start producing for ourselves before we can get the respect that we deserve from this world. We must ban together and have our flag, and creed, and we must all support black business at most, if not all times. We must start a private corporation, hire the best of the best to serve on the panel, and put a dollar a week into this corporation. We’d have billions of dollars to buy farmland, start our own factories and stores, build our own houses and schools, etc. As long as we depend on the white man to get us where we need to be, we will never come out of the rut were in, and we will slowly sink into the abyss. We can spend money on everything else but helping ourselves. Four dollars a month, even five is not too much to have to give, plus you will be part owner. We need to break loose from the apron strings of the Government, because we wont be able to depend on them much longer. Lets earn the respect that others get, and reach back and pull one another up and not worry about differences. That’s the only way we can make it. I know that they put things in place to mess up all our plans, but we can’t give up. Theres enough purchase power in us right now to buy this whole damn country. Think of just a million people doing this.


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