Yup. History, centuries of it confirms many white folks like that, can’t upgrade they cling to their cultural traditions, in fact in some case, it’s natural. Commonly arises in many countries because of issues of national, cultural, and religious identity, or their insecurity and fear of race masquerading within those 3 identities. Cultural or Race survival.

The Alt-Right one way to understand the alt-right is not as a movement but as a collective experiment in identity, in the same way that many people use anonymity on the Internet to test more extreme versions of themselves. You can see it many on facebook post from Trump supporters.

But 3 centuries of U.S. about this matter. America goes through disruption and turmoil and evolves, while many of these groups dissolves, goes dormant only to resurfaces.
Such as the current immigration debate. Trump supporters are only reviving their opposition that being going on since 1794.


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