That is what the Inquisition, Reconquista and Dum Diversas did it was a war on all Black Heretic kingdoms worldwide Sarcens, Moors, Indios (Los sin Dios or without God). Negroes were also called Turks. Once whites took over the Vatican they waged war on those Black European and Africans who held them as serfs on the land and then they brought the war to the Americas with the help of the black Catholics and converso of Spain and Portugal who brought them to the Americas (India Superior). Some of those Moors fleeing Europe into Africa and America were also coming looking for refuge and made treaties with the Indigenous Negroes for land, some came as slaves and indentured servants because they were enemies of the black European nobility like King James and The Holy Roman Empire, but as they lost their power in Europe they also brought war and treachery to the Americas and the Moors, Indians, and White Europeans fought and as the European blacks decimated themselves and the indigenous Americans through alliances with their former subjects the whites rose to power through intrigue and treachery.



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