Josiah The family of Timothy Drew were members of the “Moorish Zionist Temple” in Brooklyn, New York, which was formed in 1889 (some books date its formation in 1899), by Rabbi Leon Richelieu. The Congregation of the Moorish Zionist Temple of the Moorish Jews in Harlem c.1929, Rabbi Israel Ben Newman wearing shawl, President Mordecai Herman on his right. Rabbi Mordecai Herman was member of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). In 1921 Mordecai Herman reformed the Moorish Zionist Temple (aka Cushim congregation) in Harlem NY with affiliate branches in Newark, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rabbi Arnold Josiah Ford later joined Rabbi Samuel Valentine and Rabbi Mordecai Herman. Rabbi Ford and Rabbi Samuel Valentine split in 1924. Rabbi Ford started the Beth Bnai Abraham. Ford included elements of Islam in his practice, writing prayers to Allah and observing Ramadan. His movement was Moorish-Israelite-Islamic-Free Masonic in nature.37424840_10156457876582243_4159597945534021632_n.jpg


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