Lucy was Black

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Caroline Morales

via King Simon: “Hmmmm! Wasn’t the bones of a black female (They said as a monkey, lol) found in Afrika…carbon dated by scientist… 4 million years old…named LUCY… study this movie and pay close attention to the SCIENCE AND NOT THE FICTION.. thus why these films are called Sci-Fi….”

Africa is the cradle of human race. Anthropologists have unearthed the oldest human skeletons in East Africa in places such as Hadar, Olduvai, Laetoli. One of the best preserved human remnants is a female skeleton found at Hadar in Ethiopia. Anthropologists assembled about 40% of the young girl that was given the nick name “Lucy”. Lucy was dated between 3.8 and 3 million years ago and belongs to the Australopethicus category.

Nice try, but we gotcha!

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