“Africans (Blacks), as the ancestors of all modern Humans; logically must encompass all Human phenotypes – you can’t pass on what you don’t have! As can be seen in the display of Black phenotypes above – they do! Black phenotypes run from noses with high bridges to noses with low bridges – and all in between.

From lips that are very thin, to lips that are very full – and all in between. From hair that is very straight, to hair that is tightly curled – and all in between. From hair that is very Blonde, to hair that is very Black – and all in between. From skin that is very Black, to skin that is very Pale- and all in between.

From eyes that are hooded and Almond shaped, to eyes that are round – and all in between. From eyes that are very Black, to eyes that are light colored – and all in between. That said, it must be noted that in otherwise healthy Africans; pale hair, eyes or skin, as with the child above: is a sign of a genetic disorder – in the case above – Albinism.

Caucasians (Whites), and Mongols (Chinese), as sub-sets of the Black race: they lack the genetic diversity of the Black race, and as such; they carry only a few of the phenotypes of the Black race.”

Everything other than Black Skin and 9Ether/ Kinky/ Afro hair is due to Albinism. Straight hair is albinism. Blue eyes is Albinism. Green, grey eyes, white skin all is Albinism.

Regarding the different phenotypes; everything other than wide dental arches & broad noses are due to underdevelopment. Faces can change without admixture due to inadequate nutrition (small faces, braces, mouth breathers, small noses)


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