Texts on Bedouins:
“Mahra is the Arab name for the Bedouin tribes who are different in appearance to other Arabs, having almost beardless faces, fuzzy hair and dark pigmentation – such as the Qarra, Mahra and Harasis… Also on “…the Qarra, Mahra and Harasis with parts of other tribes. The language is derived from the language of the Sabaeans, Minaeans and Himyarites. The Mahra with other Southern Arabian peoples seem aligned to the Hamitic race of north-east Africa… The Mahra are believed to be descended from the Habasha, who colonized Ethiopia in the first millennium BC”– David Phillips, Peoples on the Move (2001)

“European observers have made much of their physical resemblance to Somalis and Ethiopians, but there is no historical evidence of any connections.”– E. Peterson, ‘Oman’s Diverse Society: Southern Oman’
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