Black women possess the Eve gene. This is the gene that created all the different skin colors of people in the world. Black women do not need to procreated with a non Black man to create any skin color.

There is such a thing as light skinned or white skinned Africans. Black/Brown skin is the humans most natural skin color and is as old as hominids period. There is no such thing as a dark skin white as my father does not look like me I look like my father.

Africans possess the most diversity in phenotype and skin color indigenous Africans not non African invaders aka whites and modern day Arabs. Africans do not look like any other peoples all peoples look like Africans facts.

Black people were never white the mutation that causes white skin is just that a mutation as the original whites were simply albino’s. Get it folks Black people are hundreds of thousands of years older then you therefore there can be no such thing as a dark skin white.

Attached are twin sisters she is not an albino just a white baby birthed by 2 Black parents fyi this is how you came about. It is truly amazing the disrespect non Blacks give us as we literally gave you everything including life and in return we get murdered and oppressed with impunity for 400 years now truly a sad act by non Blacks.

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