The White Man's Burden

Global warming my ass


The Planet has COOLED over the past 10 years, so Now what does Al Gore and the Left Say now? —- The Polar Bear Population has expanded, not declined. Ice Caps are expanding, not contracting.

It is 57 Degrees this morning on Clearwater Beach, Florida in OCTOBER!

In the 1970’s the Left said the world was going to FREEZE over so we needed to expand government and increase taxes.

After year 2000, the Left said the World was going to WARM over, the ice caps would melt and by 2050 Florida would be under water> They said since 2001 we would have 5+ Killer CAT 5 storms a year in the Gulf, so we needed to expand government and increase taxes.

Do you see a Left wing pattern here to find reasons to “Grow Government and Increase Taxes”?….it’s cold, it’s hot, it beautiful, it’s wet, it’s dry, the sun is out, it’s cloudy? That is called weather cycles and there is not need to increase taxes over the weather.

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