Do you really want to be Classified as a Caucasian? aka Edomite?

Cau·ca·soid (kôk-soid) Anthropology
Of or relating to the Caucasian racial classification. See Usage Note at race1.
A member of the Caucasian racial classification.
1. a Person who Origins are from the Caucasus Mountains, and the Surrounding Mountains in Eastern Europe.
2. a Sub-Species of Man Kind
3. a White Person.

Edom: The Nation and People who’s descendants were of Esau.
he founded the Country, so his name is equated with Edom. (Gen 25:30, 36)

The Country is also called Seir or Mt. Seir. which was the name of the territory in which the Edomites Lived. a Mountainous Region in Palestine.
Edom figures prominently in the Scriptures as the Scene of Great Future Judgment, (Isaiah 34:5,6, 63:1) She is the only Neighbor of the Israelites not Promised any mercy from the Most High.

The Red Hairy Nation of People and The Only People mentioned in the Bible God Hates. Malachi 1:1-4

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