The White Man's Burden

Phallus Smallus


They say we worshipped the Phallus,
other day I was watching a video on Alchemy and the white man stated the pineal gland is shape of the Phallus, I also heard black master teachers say that and also the clitoris to a degree. Now the pineal gland is the 3rd eye of the mind we see the wholeness of things….. As above so below…….

-Anu means “first place” “the original city” “the original spot” “the beginning place” and from this single point, all of creation comes fourth, just like the big bang theory of modern physicists… From a single point all matter comes, all the universe comes into being… It expands out of there. And the kemetic tradition being the older brings forth teaching for the first time in human history. From this “Ben Ben” point (refer to the top of the obelisk), the golden point Technu or Oblesik symbol…

The upper most point – the Ben Ben point -represent the four cardinal directions and time and space reality come into existence when RA made the first solid place of the primeval ocean but also where they dissolve at the end of the creation cycle. Therefore, the Benben symbolizes transition point in a movement downward of creation and a movement upward of dissolution.

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