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Karma will be a bitch


Nothing but a ni**er’: White man unleashes fury on Black servicewoman in uniform

A young Army servicewoman was chased down and verbally assaulted by a racist motorist yesterday. The man screamed racial slurs and told her to kill herself for being black and serving in the military.

Geminia Aimable, 19, described the encounter in a Facebook post, the full text of which can be read below:

In my 19 years of living… I have never been called a nigger. To my face at least. Yet today, in my uniform, a man cut me off. Just to then later FOLLOW me. I took all these crazy streets to shake him off. I get to a red light to get to my destination and out of nowhere. He comes banging on my window cursing me out… and proceeding to call me a nigger. Told me to never forget that I am nothing but a nigger and that us niggers do not deserve to serve this very country and to take off my uniform and to kill myself. I cannot believe that he said that to me. Not like I provoked him. He told me it pisses him off that we as African Americans are allowed to be in the military.. now I have nothing against Caucasian’s. My aunt and uncles and cousins are white. To me we all bleed the same. But it’s so sad that racism is still so very prominent & that people genuinely hate anyone that’s not the same color as them.. this man really made me realize a lot today and first handedly realize that racism just doesn’t seem to go away. Yet I raised my hand to defend all (even if I’m not infantry) I still sacrificed. Unfortunately I also vowed to protect racist assholes also.

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