1787-1791 = The following is taken from the senatorial response after George Washington’s 1789 Inauguration speech:

“We, the Senate of the United States, …Congratulate you on the complete organization of the Federal Government,(of 1791) …on your elevation to the office of President, an office highly important by the powers constitutionally ANNEXED to it, and extremely honorable from the manner in which the APPOINTMENT ( not chosen, selected or elected) is made”. See, e.g., Monuments of Washington’s Patriotism (M.W.P.) Ed. 3, Pub. Trustees, 1841, p. 79.

“This day the great illustrious Washington, the favorite son of Liberty, and deliverer of HIS (not Our) country, entered upon the execution of the office of First Magistrate of the United States of America … His Excellency … attended by a COMMITTEE (Not Members or Representative) of the Senate and House of Representatives, to FEDERAL HALL…”. “We, the Senate of the United States…congratulate you on the COMPLETE ORGANIZATION OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (of 1791)…and… your elevation to the office of President, an office … by the powers constitutionally ANNEXED to it, and extremely honorable from the manner in which the APPOINTMENT (not chosen, selected or elected) is made”

The Law Latin (see B.L.D., 4th ed., p. 1030)(BLD stands for Blacks law dictionary) term “First Magistrate” is dubious and ambiguous, and originally simply meant “ORIGINAL” magistrate or number one magistrate.

The Honorable George Washington-was (a) their highest-ranking public civil officer> Chief Executive officer Appointed by the Preamble United States Republican Form of Government, (b) elected via 12th amendment as President of the Federal Corporation United States and (c) the Chief Magistrate , i.e., the highest ranking Civil service official in a government> “President of the United States”> “The highest executive officer [> employee] of the Federal [> Corporation/Administrative] government IN the United States” B.L.D., 4th and 6th ED’s.

Magistrate Washington;s Federal creation and powers are annexations and not Constitutionally Expressed.

The Preamble natural born Representatives and Free Inhabitant Citizens of the United States of America, in the Family of Nations,appointed Geo. Washington to the executive office of the Presidency in 1789. As First magistrate and C.E.O. of the Colonial Plantation e’States> The United Colonies he assumed, took business control of the Corporation [> Artificial and Alien] States of America. Through his and others of the former 12 United Colonies Mandator introductory into the Beyh/Bayh Electoral College, and House of Burgess, they learned how to construct elections or the selection of a Federal Corporation President according to Amendment #12, to the C.U.S.A., being distinctly and Constitutionally different from the Constitution, Art.2, and totally different than the Federal Administration Presidential elections where the chosen Political Party member picks his own running mate, i.e., his Vice President. – THIS IS COMPLETELY UN-CONSTITUTIONALLY

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