Bitch trump win 2020 election

It’s a sad sad nation where Trump’s racism has appealed to so many incredibly ignorant white people. Trump is openly using white supremacist propaganda and hate to get white folks to vote for him again…and it’s working.

He will probably win in 2020 because racially disordered white America has never stopped sucking on the immoral teet of white supremacy.

Trump and white America is like a fly on shit, they work together keeping our nation soiled with the nasty stench of racism.

If you are white and support Trump or if you are white and you are indifferent to Trump’s racism then you are the same old ignorant racist that has always kept our national institution of white supremacy running smoothly. You are a disgrace to our nation, a disgrace as human being and a disgrace to all of humanity. You deserve all the fucking Trump will give you if he is reelected.


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